Becoming a high class escort in London

Jan 20, 2020

get a good time with our high class London escort

Think about your look, personality, and manners

High-class London escort. A short word before applying on our application form (Work With US). In fact, some of our clients are wealthy and powerful gentlemen in London. And they are not looking to meet the stunning woman with big ass and boobs. But they want to book the quality girl who is attracting them in person and maybe book her again and again.

What we want to say is that chemistry is the key point for most of our costumers. So to our lovely ladies, we say that you have to think about your character, manners, class and look as well. All people are different in many ways so they have the right to choose who they want to meet.

Personality is the feature, so we think that a high-class London escort should have a great personality because they charge more than other ladies. So if you want to get a repeat from the biggest clients then you have to deliver the greatest figure. Please do not misunderstand us because we are not saying that you do not have a great personality. What we want to say is that if you charge triple than other ladies then you should have something extra on the table.

Clients looking for quality but not the quantity 

If you are intelligent, smart and attractive, you can get anyone to listen to you. So charging just more than other escorts is not going to make you a classy escort at all. We have ladies who charge £200 but they are more than able to offer the best service. Therefore you have to think twice before becoming a high-end lady. Our special clients are always looking for something of the best quality but not the quantity.

High-Class Escort in London needs to have a great attitude and a beautiful body, in our opinion. And because of the superior attendants charge more than other girls. So they should have something extra for their clients. Yes, chemistry is important but clients still want the value of the cost. Therefore if you charge three times than other escorts, so you should have something extra in your offer.

We have big respect for all of our companions, and we are not saying that £150 girls do not have a good attitude or a beautiful body. We have £150 ladies who are lovely and have more regular clients than the high-quality guides who charge double or triple. 

However, language is another thing. Most of the costumers need to talk, mainly when the occasion is dinner and overnight. So as VIP models, you need to speak good English. People feel more welcome and comfortable when they speak with someone who can work in good English.

High-class escorts in London spend more time on their look

Moreover, we think style standards and dressing are the most vital for high-grade companions, who want to work in London. In fact, elite companions spend more time and money on their look and they go to the gym and swimming. After all, a luxury apartment in a good location can make a difference for regular clients as well. On top of being top-quality models, you have to be a highly discreet person.

We at Glamour agency never know about how the girls going to be in the meeting. Until we send the high-class escorts to famous clients. Most famous costumers do not want to share their private life in public. So, our priority is to protect clients’ data, or anyone working with us at a very high level of protection.

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